All You Do Is Blink

No Telling

Nothing makes you feel older and younger like standing in front of teenagers all day. I teach in the very high school I graduated from thirty years ago, and while the physical building has changed very little, I am reminded every minute that everything else has changed a great deal.

It seems like just weeks ago I was stomping the halls of this high school in platform shoes and bell bottoms, peasant blouse flapping.

At the same time, the wild-eyed possibility of these teenagers is catching. Makes me feel like the world is round again, that the orbits are infinite and the end is not near. That’s a lovely bonus.

The mad pace is eating into my writing time right now, although I can see a time soon when I’ll be caught up and – with luck – trot a little ahead. Just not in wooden platform shoes.

20 thoughts on “All You Do Is Blink

  1. OMG, it _has_ been 30 years! Er, 28, but close enough. How did that happen? What on earth have I been doing? Where does one get a housecoat? (Did people actually wear those?) I guess it's high time I got on with being a grown-up. Now: Ballerina or Olympic equestrian?

  2. That time DOES fly by so fast! I could definitely see how being around teens constantly could keep you young AND at the same time make you feel old! Was I REALLY that young? Ha ha!

  3. I've never felt older than when one of the kids I had in class all the time when I subbed and that I just adored asked me what year I graduated from high school and he replied, “OMG, that's the year I was born!”

  4. And really, it's just more exciting grist for the writer's mill this teaching-teenagers-business. Because nothing is quite so astonishing, nor intoxicating (and I mean this figuratively AND literally), as a 21st century teenager's mind!

  5. Hi Monda, enjoyed your flash back into our ever growing histories. This next year 2011 will be my 40th year since high school. and yes I remember bell bottoms, which I truly miss. BRING BACK BELL BOTTOMS. lol

  6. My little sister makes me feel old. I'm “only” 21 (I feel old since 21 is a whole lifetime), but she's 17 and all of it!

    By the way, nice to meet you.


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