Singing in the Dead of Night

No Telling

I spend my Monday nights at Blackbird Academy. It’s a non-profit arts school here in town dreamed up by Jennie McNulty Strange offering dance, music, visual art, theater, and creative writing. I teach creative writing workshops to high school students and adults there.

It’s magical, really. all that creative energy in one place. Week after week I’m audience to these amazing writers who, having found a safe haven, literally pour the words out each week.

Next week my two classes will meet at the local coffee shop to give a public reading. What does this mean? Group poems as well as individual readings of poetry and prose. They are everyone of them nervous and excited because we’re moving a few blocks out of our nest and into the world. Writing does that. It makes us brave in increments until we’re standing on top of some picnic table shouting fresh poems scribbled on paper napkins.

While all of my students are trying their hands at online public writing right now, the high school folk are the most eager to find an audience. They’re fearless, I tell you. At their request, you are cordially invited to read their summer scribblings. You all know the importance of encouragement, so do please drop by their blogs, enjoy a read, and leave an inspirational note here and there.

Just imagine – they’re launching their writing lives and you’re here to watch. It’s like the moon landing, only more important. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Singing in the Dead of Night

  1. If I were in Arkansas, I would definitely sign up for one of your classes. It sounds like you are a totally cool teacher. What lucky students you have.

    Your students' writing is great, and their Web sites are beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I had a printing teacher in High School; he never taught me a thing about printing but taught me everything he could about life.

    I believe we all get one or two teachers in our lives that make a difference, it sounds like you have touched a few lives already.

    A tip of my ball cap to you.

  3. Just peeked into Everyday Lunatic's post – and was enthralled (smile). So wonderful to see a mentor in here who has a genuine passion for the kids they teach.. good luck with the big day!

  4. I look forward to reading them! I'm planning on encouraging my English I & IV students to blog this year. Hope it is successful; so many of them need an outlet.

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