When a Lady Drops Her Hankie…


Yes, with a spritz of starch you can roll that antique handkerchief into the typewriter. With a drawer full of these I\’ve only just begun. These are perfect for lines of poetry, quotes, or cryptic messages. I feel a Silent Type entry coming on, so look out.

Thanks to my friend Stephanie who found the inspiration for this at the lovely blog 52 Flea. Steph knows where the good stuff is and always tells me.

10 thoughts on “When a Lady Drops Her Hankie…

  1. Silent Type 2 desperately needs your hankie poem but I need it fast! I am assembling the issue in another week or two. Could you send me a scan? Pretty please??? (300 DPI)

  2. Nice to see you back. What are the chances of bringing back the summer-weight glove for ladies? Especially for travel and opening public doors these could be any color, not just the old fashioned white. You like?

  3. Hi there, LFP and Julia!Strikethru, you'll hear from me by noon tomorrow. 300 DPI and all. Promise. DC Chic, those summer gloves…I love them. They'd have to be nearly weightless during an Arkansas summer, but if my grandmother could do it, so can I.James! It's a delight to see you again!

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