The Novelty Has Worn Off

No Telling

Be careful what you wish for, is all I’m saying. This snow experience came without much warning. No one, in fact, had time to clean the shelves out at Kroger before it became too tricky to get there. So I guess we’re all stuck inside eating bread-heels and watching the news.

Five more inches tonight, they say. Clearly this is some sort of Superbowl/Saints overflow miracle. That, or the eighty or so students who had a paper due in my class today gathered together some powerful mojo to buy themselves some time. It could happen.

What do y’all up North find to pass the time during such a snow? I’m at a loss, dahlings. Bread-heels and bad daytime TV are about to do us all in.

UPDATE: A couple of fast shots taken from the warmth of an open doorway.

26 thoughts on “The Novelty Has Worn Off

  1. Board games. We're partial to Ticket to Ride, Ticket to Ride Europe, and Settlers of Cataan. Monopoly and Risk will also do nicely on a snow day, since when else do you have time to play them? Also, we bake whatever strikes our fancy and eat way too many cookies. Last time, our power went out just as I was about to put dinner in the crock pot, so I had to spend the afternoon playing games instead of thinking about dinner. I had tried, and the powers that be decreed that we would eat cold cereal. Fine with me!

  2. Homemade egg noodles. Mmmm, mmmm. So much better than bread heels.

    Catching up on reading the stacks of magazines that have accumulated is one of my favorite snow-day activities.

    Best wishes for sunshine to come your way!

  3. Books! I agree with the above- perfect days for board games…. Shoveling out and then sharing hot chocolate. Snow angels… Snow men…Snow women.- find the best costumes- scarves, hats, carrots for the nose of course… Very Inventive cooking- french toast out of those bread heels…. enjoy…

  4. Mundane, we're out again tomorrow. Clearly the T/Th classes were in on the chicken head thing.

    CSIowa, the power going out is my worst nightmare. I'm putting something in the oven right this minute.

    Thanks, Lisa! Something noodly sounds perfect right now.

    Sally, this may be the perfect time to break open one of the forty boxes of books packed up in the garage. I haven't seen them in a few years. They'll be fresh.

    Brian, you must be in Missouri or thereabouts. Five more inches of this stuff is quite an indignity.

    I'm going to bake this ennui away, I think.

  5. Nagehan and Otin, I hate to tell you. This storm is headed your way in the next day or so. I think we should all blame Texas.

    Oh, Janie. I'm afraid you're right. More snow on Thurs and Fri, too.

    Tomorrow, I'm building a snow woman.

  6. I shoulda hooked up with your students! I sooooo needed a snow day today and all we got was a dusting – if that! What's the good in living in Colorado if we can't get a good snow day once in a while? Why should you all have the fun?

  7. I play with Twitter or just sit inside and watch bad television. But up here in winterland, nobody minds it, so they go out anyway. If things shut down every time it snowed, we'd be locked in from November till May.

  8. GunDiva, there's not one snowplow in the whole state of Arkansas. We're paralyzed. I'll tell my students that Colorado needs a god snow day. They might rattle some bones and help you out.

    We're snow-whiners around here, Julia. Mainly because we do it so rarely. November through May is a long damn time, though.

    You know it, Renee. Especially when they've been Superbowl-charged. We might be out all week. Here's wishing you plenty of snow for tomorrow!

  9. As long as I have water and power, there is only so much I'll be complaining. That said, my children *like* routine and are quite unsure what to do with themselves. To make up for that, they just torment each other. 😉

  10. We waited for the power to come back on, and then baked cookies today. Yeah. Fun times, I tell ya.

    Of course, I was the one in the living room this afternoon–after I found that classes had not only been cancelled for Monday, but for Tuesday as well–yelling “IT'S A SUPER BOWL MIRACLE!” to all who would listen.

    I'm still convinced that's what it was.

  11. Laura, we're entering Day Two with a two year-old who wants to “pway in da snow” all day long. He has no one to torture but us.

    Saturday – you lost power? Yikes. And yes, a certain amount of this can only be explained by the Superbowl win. Can you imagine what it's like in New Orleans right now? I'm sure no one's been sober since Sunday.

    Peevish, I've stormed through three books so far. I'll storm through three more before I resort to ironing, though.

  12. I'm from WAYYY Upstate NY, so when it snows there we go about our daily lives most of the time, because we have about as many snowplows as people. We got a couple inches in NC last week and TARGET closed early. I can hear Upstate NY laughing all the way down here… 🙂 Enjoy it and have fun!!

  13. So that's where all our snow has gone! Here in Vancouver we are hosting the Winter Olympics and we are having unseasonable warm weather. The show will go on, but some snow on the mountains would be welcome right now.

  14. Robin, I say bring on the wine but I'll bet you're encased in ice on the lake.

    Rachel, Walgreens even closed yesterday. It's a sign of the apocalypse.

    Diane, please take this weather off our hands. I can't believe Canada has less snow than Arkansas. Another apocalyptic sign.

    Flowering quince! Stephanie, my envy has no words. I'll put up a few more pictures of what's not flowering here.

  15. Hello Monda – Greetings from old New England. Yes, wine and books, a little blogging thrown in for good measure… that's how we survive winter. Tonight we are gearing up for a foot or more of heavy, wet snow. I'm hoping they call off work tomorrow.

  16. New York will be hit again tonight. They've already closed the schools and not a flake has fallen. When it does I will cook, photograph my food, blog and eat…….Sounds fun? No? Oh yea, Parcheesi is our new favorite.

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