The Perfect Grandson…

No Telling

…is going to be fine. He should be coming home tomorrow. It’s been a harrowing week for everyone, but he is a strong, brave boy surrounded by love and good medicine. Maybe it was asthma or an ear infection run amok – we don’t know. He’s breathing beautifully tonight and the best team of nurses in the land hover over him.

His Mama is holding up well and I’m proud of her. Nothing prepares young mothers for this kind of fear. I guess nothing could. Emily has become the rock she always thought I was. She knows how to cry behind a door now and that’s how it works. Parenting in critical times is mostly smoke and mirrors and shaky bravado. She’s learned to compartmentalize in the moment and that’s not something they teach in college.

The Perfect Grandson braved all manner of poking and procedures without a tear. He’s the light and joy of everyone at the hospital and they worked tirelessly to make him well. He is better, and tomorrow he’ll be home. Four days is a long time for a little guy to keep still and be good, but he’s done it.

Tonight he’ll sleep and breathe without assistance. Em will curl herself around him in that skinny hospital bed, and her gentleman friend will sleep in the lounge chair beside them – just as he’s done every night this week. He’s a keeper and she knows this.

This is what a happy ending looks like.

25 thoughts on “The Perfect Grandson…

  1. Wow, that is incredibly scary – but really excellent news. What an amazing boy to be so patient and compliant. Your daughter sounds fantastic – hoping for a relaxed weekend so you can all get your energy back. xxx

  2. I'm not surprised that such a cute little boy has all the nurses in the hospital running around after him!

    You must be so pleased that he's coming home at the weekend. Wishing you both all the best x

  3. What a wonderful way to start the day…and I even got a lump in my throat to boot! So glad the little one is ready to come home…and I too see a keeper in the 'gentleman friend.' Anyone who would be there day in and day out, shows that his heart is in this little family 100%!

  4. Love happy endings, and i'm glad your all having one. You are very right about nothing preparing young mothers (or fathers) for these events in life. I have been through some doosies with my own daughter who is now grown.
    surrounded by good people who care is key, and your perfect Grandson sure has a good tem around him
    Wishing you peace.

  5. That's awesome that she was brave. I know from experience it is hard. My little is barely 2 and there's been countless of times i've had to be super strong so everyone, especially the little one, can see everything's going to be ok. I wish they did teach this in college. It would be a lot more useful than learning what the cosine of x is.

  6. Thank you all so much for the good wishes! The Perfect Grandson is home, full of spaghetti, and snuggled up in his own bed – with his mama, of course. She'll sleep with one eye open for a while.

    Whew, I say.

  7. boy, nothing strikes fear in the heart more than a babe sick enough to be hospitalized. so glad the PG is better. hope you all have a restful, regenerative weekend.

  8. The worst thing to bear is a sick child. I am so happy he is feeling better and going home. Poor baby, and poor Mom.
    My daughter was in the hospital for 5 days when she was 5 years old. An asthma attack on vacation in Calif. I will never forget those 5 days. My heart goes out to both your babies.

  9. Oh, Monda! How awful for you & Em! Please give her & the Perfect Grandson a smooch from me. I'm glad he's all right. You must be very relieved. XXOO

  10. So glad he's okay. My 4 yo grandson ended up in the hospital because of an opportunist bacteria of the swine flu persuasion. It was harrowing. I was lucky enough to be with him when they finally took that IV splint off. He was so brave, holding out his arm like a little soldier at attention, but all the while screaming “NO! NO! NOOOOOO!” Actions speak louder than words.

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