Procrastination, Exhaustion, and Inarticulate ADD Rambling

No Telling

Friday the 13th seems like as good a day as any to begin my Christmas Wish List. After November is in the rear-view mirror, I’m going to deserve something delightful even if I have to buy it for myself. The Poem Cup is a good example. Piled next to it I’d like a ridiculous stack of Moleskine XL ruled cahiers – the color doesn’t matter, although I understand they make these in a festive holiday red now. Add a few dozen Parker gel ballpoint refills and I’ll be golden.

Can you tell I’m procrastinating?

Time to work on that novel. I’ll be thrilled when it’s finished, but right now I’m just as tired as everyone else. No matter. It’s imperative I stuff the NaNo word count before Monday. That’s when someone appears on Oprah hawking her new book and I’m already feeling a rant coming on. Can’t help it. She brings out the very worst in me.

You know, if I had that Poem Cup right now I might write faster and perhaps my hateful attitude toward someone would improve. I’d be a better person, you see, if I indulged a bit now instead of dangling this carrot another couple of weeks or so. With that cup on my desk I might actually get to heaven.

Well, enough of that. The only gift I receive tonight is in writing the scene where the mini-van mamas abscond with a tractor trailer full of feminine products and baby wipes. I’ve saved this gem for a moment just like tonight – it should perk me up considerably, with or without a fancy teacup.

No more procrastinating. Time to gas up these mini-vans and hit the road.

15 thoughts on “Procrastination, Exhaustion, and Inarticulate ADD Rambling

  1. I'm licking 14K's nose right now. Not quite there yet, but I'll get there. I'm so far behind. Eurgh.

    Hang in there, Monda. We shall overcome…NaNo.

    word verification: paigs: the pages you haven't written that haunt you in your sleep using ancient Druid rituals.

  2. I'm wishing they had put nanowrimo in a “mo” that contained St Patricks day instead of Thanksgiving… but I hit 1200 this morning at 7am :(… so I'll keep plugging

  3. Yeah…it's hard to believe that “someone” is becoming a millionaire with that book of hers. Yuck!
    But, good luck with yours. I hope the same money for you.

  4. I have that episode on the DVR waiting for me to have time to throw a fit.

    Come to think of it, I should have allowed time for that on the 24 Hour Day series on my blog. I've only allowed time for one fit throwing episode. The one in the morning when your kids tell you that they need something you should have purchased yesterday.

    Your post with the feminine product hi-jacking sent me into a 10 min. fit because I was trying to laugh with a head cold. I love your rhythm, POV, and your website design. It keeps me coming back for more.

  5. Everytime I get frustrated or stuck, I fire another wrangler. But I've gotta pace myself, because at the end, I'm supposed to have four wranglers make it through boot camp. If I'm not careful, Shelby will be running the whole thing by herself. Problem is, it feels so good to fire them and inevitably increases my word count.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement, Monda, we all appreciate them and they always seem to come at the most opportune times.

  6. Boyles, thank you for reminding me about the turkey video – I'd forgotten what a gem it is. And so holiday-appropriate!

    Tell me about it, Sally. For those like me who teach, November is the cruelest month. Keep going, gal!

    Janie, I hope the ghost she hired to actually write it was paid well. She has more bills to pay than I do, though.

    A. Dakota, right there with you on the Morning Panic. I don't miss those days AT ALL. Oh, and just so you know, they recovered those hijacked trailers – one fully stocked in Mississippi and another empty in Florida, where I assume you can fence anything. Glad you enjoyed the story!

    GunDiva, you may have to add another wrangler just so they can be fired. I keep adding covered-dish funerals for some reason.

    Steve &, Christmas retail popped up just after Halloween here, too. I guess Thanksgiving isn't sexy enough. Here's to fat word counts!

    It's ridiculously expensive, Kanmuri, and that's without shipping. One of us needs to take up pottery.

  7. Hi Monda,

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  8. whenever im stuck with writing, i pick a colour and then go find something of that colour in my general area, and then force myself to write about it for an hour….last thing was a pink staple

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