And They’re Off!

No Telling

I love that quote. Mainly because anyone who writes knows that sooner or later, the writing rips that club out of your perfectly manicured fingers and pummels you over the head with it. It’s called Rewrite. It’s a small price for 50,000 words. And there’s just something about NaNoWriMo that makes you feel a little bit smug, despite the fact that December demands its due.

I’ll think about that next month. Right now, slamming out the first draft like barn ‘afire makes me plenty happy. So does Daylight Savings Time, because it’s put me in a good sprint. Sure, I may fall apart in an hour or so (we all will) but I don’t plan to worry about that, either.

We had a rousing Kick-Off Party and Write-In this afternoon, complete with goodie-bags and stickers and foods only good Southern women know how to bring to a gathering. I pity those of you who live elsewhere, because I’m not sure anyone knows how to whip out a casserole dish full of heaven quite like these gals below the Mason-Dixon.

The collective creative energy in that room today could’ve lit up all of Little Rock for for at least an hour. There was mojo, I tell you, mojo.

Speaking of mojo, I’ve added a little something over there on the right of the blog. The folks who put together National Novel Writing Month (a nonprofit) also run the Young Writers Program. It’s a fine operation that provides free writing kits, lesson plans, and online assistance to classrooms all over. The program is free to teachers, which makes me happy, but the funding has to come from somewhere. Over there on the right —–> you can sponsor me and help raise funds to keep the Young Writers Program going to the schools, gratis. Any donation will do and is greatly appreciated. Just click on the picture of me with my very first typewriter, or click HERE.

Happy scribbling, y’all!

10 thoughts on “And They’re Off!

  1. What a great day! Cranked out just short of 10,000 words! Bought myself a little breathing room for those days when I have to work late.

    I can't believe I didn't do this before, what a rush!

  2. I haven't written anything yet… I was so busy yesterday and will be today, too. Luckily, tomorrow is a national holiday here in Japan. I want to write at least 8000 words. I have to work on Saturday and I don't get behind.

  3. I got to 1,487 words before my scene ended and I hit a bit of a snag. Not bad, considering I didn't get to start writing till about an hour ago. Damn me being busy all day.

  4. The first day can definitely break you, but I made it through mine too! Won last year, and really, really want to get there this year as well. Fingers crossed!

  5. I got a little over like 2,100 words but no casserole. If I'd a casserole (and a babysitter) I might would've gotten further.

    I meant to tell you that I got a typewriter for my birthday to inspire to to write (or so said the card). It's a 1955 (I think) pink Smith Corona Silent Super Portable. I need to post pics. It makes me want to change my name to Harper Lee and write something beautiful. Or, put on a pencil skirt and take a memo.

  6. The current book I'm working on had it's start as a NaNoWriMo project last year. It was cut short when I was in the hospital in the beginning of November (blood clot in my lungs – don't ever use the birth control patch! I'm 27, I shouldn't have a blood clot in my lungs).

    This year, I opted to continue the process on that book instead of start a new one for NaNoWriMo. It hurts to sit one out, but needs must. I think it'll be worth it in the end.

  7. I'm so excited to see everyone's progress! It's nice to know I'm not the only insane enough to try. I love all of the “cyber support”.

    I kind of cheated, in my book I have everyone go around the room and introduce themselves. That bought me a couple of hundred words 🙂

  8. Day 3 and I'm up to 6,090 words. I've got a couple of really nice moments that can account for maybe 200 of those and the rest of it is pure “eh”. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to check myself into a nervous hospital on Dec. 1st.

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