NCTE National Day of Writing and the Gallery of Writing.

No Telling

October 20th is the National Day on Writing. Didn’t know? Well, now that you do I suggest finding a fast pen, a few sheets of paper, and a little quiet time during the day. Not all celebrations require fireworks. Everyone everywhere should be scribbling, typing, scratching, slamming out a few words tomorrow.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a spectator. The Gallery of Writing wants everyone to participate by posting their writing. Don’t get hinky about putting your words out there – the site wants daily kinds of writing. Here, I’ll let them tell you.

“Whether we call it texting, IMing, jotting a note, writing a letter, posting an email, blogging, making a video, building an electronic presentation, composing a memo, keeping a diary, or just pulling together a report, Americans are writing like never before. Recent research suggests that writing, in its many forms, has become a daily practice for millions of Americans. It may be the quintessential 21st century skill. By collecting a cross-section of everyday writing through a National Gallery of Writing, we will better understand what matters to writers today—and when writing really counts.”

While you can post writing on the Gallery through May, the site goes live tomorrow. Go ahead, browse the writing and post something of your own. Scribble in your piece of this historical project. I’d love to read what you dream up, so leave a link to your little corner of the gallery here in the comments.

(Do be patient, though – the “curators” of each gallery have to hit the acceptance button to make sure no one’s leaving nasty business on the site. You understand.)

8 thoughts on “NCTE National Day of Writing and the Gallery of Writing.

  1. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the Gallery of Writing is having a hitch or two today, Boyles. I've had a little trouble getting in as well.

    Shoo away that block, Meg. it's the devil, I tell ya.

  2. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I love your blog!! And thanks for passing on this link. I'm excited to read the posts, and not just because I'm looking for hours of procrastination! I was able to get my link onto the NCTE site, so maybe the glitches are working themselves out. Or maybe I was just lucky. Here's my “everyday writing” submission:

  3. Welcome to the fray, Tdactyl, and thanks! I'm glad you were able to get your post up on the Gallery – access was touch-and-go this morning.

    Boyles, isn't this fun? I've been reading the scribblings of a classroom of fifth graders just now on the Gallery. So lovely, those young voices.

    The site seems be calmer now, so those of you out there, post away!

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