All the Pretty Auctions

Fresh Ribbon

Anyone want to spot me a loan? Cormac McCarthy’s typewriter is on the auction block. A friend bought him a “new” Olivetti 32 this past summer for $9 on Ebay.

Miller said that McCarthy does not own a computer, a fact verified by others. In fact, Miller told the story that once while at the Sante Fe Institute, he kidded the author about not using a computer.

“About an hour later, lightning knocked out power at the institute,” Miller said.

As scientists wandered the corridors, Miller said all they could hear were the click, click, clicking of McCarthy’s typewriter, the only machine working in the building.

Which one of us bid against him, I wonder?

5 thoughts on “All the Pretty Auctions

  1. I'm not a huge Cormac McCarthy fan (the ending of No Country for Old Men pissed me off and The Road was too depressing even for a post-apocalyptic nightmare), but I'd still probably buy it if I had the money.

  2. Caption on the photo of the Studio 44 at the top of the article: \”McCarthy’s typewriter is similar in appearance to this Underwood Olivetti typewriter, owned by Harold Kirby of Loudon.\”Apart from both being sort of blue-ish colored, a Studio and a Lettera look nothing alike.$50,000 – $100,000? Seriously? (Not to mention that the typer is broken.) Apparently his influence has been lost on me.

  3. I've always been a big McCarthy fan. Love what he does with dialogue.I wonder exactly what \”broken\” means. Did a typebar fly out? was the machine dropped from a moving car? There's broken and there's BROKEN.

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