Writing Center BAROP Project Update

Fresh Ribbon

Today we’ve got a little student noir on the Writing Center BAROP. You never know what you’ll find, or what I’ll post because…

Monda’s got a new phone that takes great photos and cool video just like (snap) that. The perfect mix of tech and no-tech. It’s a beautiful thing.

8 thoughts on “Writing Center BAROP Project Update

  1. Yay, at least you figured out how to make it take pictures!! I should be a student, so can I leave you something that somebody should retype onto that paper? I am jealous of this project obviously. Even though I did get a ream of old-school printer paper, which will work. I think.

  2. James, splurge and play. These phones are fun.Julia, that paper should work just fine. In fact, it might be easier to keep it neat on the back side of the typewriter since it folds nicely.

  3. Monda, you need to pull some strings in the academic scene and make this BAROP experiment go viral. Every writing center needs this setup to hook youth into the typosphere. You'll lead a revolution! We're counting on you. 🙂

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