All I Want for Christmas

Fresh Ribbon


7 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas

  1. That's amazing. :'D I have pictures of myself like that, with a Viewmaster. I was three and the Viewmaster was the greatest toy I'd ever come across. I would kill to have lived back in The Day, where you just *received* these things for Christmas. When I got Jepha it was the middle of July and I was like \”What the hell is THAT thing?! Get it off my carpet IT HAS DIRT OMG GET IT OFF THE RUGGGGG!!!\” Obviously, we were both doomed to this fate from the start.

  2. That's it. I've had it. I'm building a time machine and that's that. I just hope your parents don't mind a total stranger showing up at their door, wanting to know if that is, in fact, meatloaf he smells. Plus, I'm pretty sure that Jackson would think li'l Monda was the bee's knees. Seriously, though, it sounds idyllic.

  3. Back in the day, your carpet would've been shag, Julia, and much harder to clean. I still love Viewmasters.Mike, build that machine.Mama will offer you sweet tea and poundcake for dessert.You've simply GOT to find a typewriter, MyVintage. Scramble down to your local second-hand store and let them know you're looking. Let me know if you need any ribbon – I've got connections.

  4. You have ribbon connections? Can you get me one that'll fit my Olivetti Lettera 32 without having to gouge out the top myself? o.OJust found a whole mess of thrift stores down here. I am enthused.

  5. I found mine locally, Julia, but there's a lovely man on the Yahoo Portable Typewriter Forum who has them as well. Keep scrolling down for that link. If you haven't joined that group, you should.I did, Steph, I finally found it! Believe me, this photo is going to the framing place this week. I'll not misplace it again.

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