Robotic First Days of School, and a Gift

Fresh Ribbon

Everyday Correspondence

On a side note, I’ve spent a good portion of the weekend with The Perfect Grandson, who suffers from a cold that is only made better by watching Wall-E over and over again. If you’ve never seen it, go rent this one immediately. Saving the planet through robot love. Delightful.

(This typecast is brought to you on Sister Agnes of the Curlicue Script, a 1958 Tower President.)

18 thoughts on “Robotic First Days of School, and a Gift

  1. Uh-oh. I'd better put away my own Robot Salesmen letterhead for a while, lest I appear a copycat. (Judging by the resolution, I suspect Everyday Correspondence found it at the same blog I did a couple years back.)Coincidentally, we're both posting things with \”robot\” in the title today. 🙂

  2. The hell you say. That means there are more letterheads floating around out there for the picking! I've got to read your robot post now. Did you find one, and if so, is it operational?

  3. Aw, rats, and here I thought that there was a place that I could pick up robots for rock-bottom prices. Sigh…would that I could go back in time and be one of Monda's students. It has to be a fun class. Awesome letterheads, too. Extra points are awarded for the word \”mucilage.\”

  4. \”Mucliage\” was my favorite part, Mike. Sorry about the robots, though. I figure Olivander will be the first to find a robot at a flea market somewhere.Thanks, SRF! That typeface comes from a '58 Tower President (aka Smith Corona Silent) with a script/cursive typeface. Agnes is my favorite machine.Thanks for the info, Robert – I'm headed there now.

  5. \”I figure Olivander will be the first to find a robot at a flea market somewhere.\”Naw, I figure it will be Clemens at a thrift store.(Heh. Sounds like Clue. \”It was Clemens with a robot at a thrift store!\”)Word ver: derism: the cult of mocking me.

  6. But Olivander, we live to mock you!Monda, I'm so grateful for the link I just might explode with glee. But that would get my cubicle messy, so I won't. Robots! Be still my heart. All my sites have robots as a background, because robots are awesome.

  7. Yeah, they're awesome right up until they decide they are sick of your organic human ways, and then BAM! Skynet. That, or Olivander will get tired of us mocking him and unleash his robots/typewriter hybrid minions upon us.

  8. Monda, Thanks for the feature! That was ever so kind of you. Robert and Olivander are correct, I found the Robot Salesmen (and the other two letterheads) online. I merely \”cleaned up\” the scans (none of them enlarged without loss of resolution prior to my efforts) and re-posted on my site. Because the fine folks at We Made This seem to have been the first to scan the letterhead image, I've credit them on my site. Thanks, again, for the post, and thanks to your commenters for the original link! James

  9. \”That, or Olivander will get tired of us mocking him and unleash his robots/typewriter hybrid minions upon us.\”[whips sheet over workbench]Nothing to see here. Move along.Word ver: scogypo: When Halley's Comet came around last, a guy set up a telescope in a field and was charging 50¢ to look at the comet through it. I paid my four bits, stepped up on the milk crate and put my eye to the lens. All I saw was a blurry smudge. It was a scogypo.

  10. Julia has perfect letterhead now! James, you're entirely welcome. Love your site.I still say Olivander has secrets, Mike. Maybe we don't want to know what they are.

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