My Life is So Exciting, I Should be Arrested

No Telling
yard sale

(Oooh la la notepad courtesy of my friend Stephanie who always manages to find fabulous vintage whatnots for me. In French flea markets, no less.)

31 thoughts on “My Life is So Exciting, I Should be Arrested

  1. J'adore.
    I heart your blog.
    And your desire for yard sale hunting. It's of some minor consolation to my bedraggled boyfriend that I am not the only lover of these pockets of weekend deliciousness.
    I digress.
    I just wanted to swing by and say congratulations on your blog of note, it is nothing if not noteworthy.
    Love from a very non noteworthy blogger x

  2. Well, there is another option. You could start making moonshine in your basement if you were really so in need of some amusement, haha. Though, I'm not sure your employers would look on it with such light hearts, huh? Have fun this weekend, whatever you do!

  3. I saw the paper and forgot I wasn't on the typecast blog, and freaked because there were newbies commenting and nooooooooo not the typewriter safe space…! But then I looked in the address bar, and all was good again, because Monda's Support Group For Typewriter Addicts is still safe.

    I am still jealous of your papers, eternally, and still wish I could find some of relative vintage and awesomeness.

    p.s., Yard saling is always more awesome because you can find fun things. I went to my grandmother's yard sale and she gave me a navy blue, fleece, hooded, poncho. My WTF meter is on the peg.

  4. Moi aussi, j'adore. I stopped by because I saw the name of your blog on the 'notable blog' list, and I've been her now for…oh, a couple of hours. I love the reading, and I've only just begun. I'll be back!


  5. Thanks for the congrats, Caroline, and here's hoping you snag all kinds of yard sale delight this weekend!

    Making 'shine is an interesting option, Shaylee. Labor intensive, though. Sterling idea for a more ambitious weekend, though.

    Ah, John. We boring folk need a flag and a campaign theme song. Ideas?

    Sorry to scare you, Julia. Somewhere in my whirlwind weekend plans I'm fitting in a post for Fresh Ribbon. I love that it only takes a fleece poncho to make you happy.

    Wow, Kate, I'm so glad you stumbled across the blog! Come on back any time.

    I tell you, John's onto something, Amuseme. My fist is almost up in the air.

  6. Well, to me, either option sounds great. I love to do both! Garage sales in small farm communities is very interesting. I'm usually visiting my daughter when her area in IL has “More on 34” (a route in IL). That's a weekend of garage sales all on 34 that goes on throughout many towns. We usually don't even make it out of her town! But there's a lot of interesting stuff to be had!

  7. Hello! I just came across your blog on “Blogs of Notes.” I think your blog is so great! Being from Chicago, I know very few things baout Southern culture. So it was interesting to read your blog. I fyou have time, check out my blog!

  8. I vote for going yard saling. Although it doesn't hold any academic qualities, it's just fun to go out rumaging about and spending money…nick

  9. Pat, we have something like that here call Stuff Galore on 64, or something like that. A friend of mine went on that excursion and cleaned up. I won't miss it again.

    Thanks, Kim! Technically, this county is “damp.” That means you can buy drinks at with a membership certain places, but there are no package stores of any kind. For that we have to set sail for the next county 15 miles away. Welcome to Arkansas!

    I'll be sure to check out your blog, Squish, and thanks for the kind words.

    Steven, it looks like I may be hitting the road tomorrow to spend my quarters!

    Oh, Olivander. Cross your fingers for something good. A KMM, maybe?

    And not spending much of it, Nickgee. That's the best part – something for nothing and the thrill of the hunt.

    Thanks GirlMeetsGun! She brought back all kinds of goodies from France and I can't wait to share.

    Come back any time, K Family!

    Amie, you win! If I look for a little something to read at those sales, I may come out like a bandit coming and going. Wish me luck!

  10. Monda, darlin', welcome to my world, the unofficial nerve center of the OEA, or Organization of the Easily Amused. Our motto: We're proud to be uncomplicated, because ignorance truly is bliss, and we're smart enough to know that.

  11. 1) Congrats on getting yet another Blog of Note. You are indeed a bad ass.

    2) You're weekend sounds way more fun than mine because I am supposed to be cleaning for the invasion of a bunch of out of town guests that I don't even really like in preparation for a marriage that, well, I guess if I don't have anything nice to say I shouldn't say anything at all.

    3) When my ex-husband was in Iraq, the guys all saved the fruit that came with their supper and put it in a sock or something and made their own wine. They said it wasn't the best wine in the world, but it served the purpose.

    Off to clean something. Or at least contemplate it.

  12. 1) Thanks! and this has been completely surreal.

    2) Nice weekend. The trick is seeing how long you can go without saying the inevitable.

    3) Sock Wine. That smacks of a level of desperation I haven't quite reached. I do have a few grapefruit in the icebox, though, just in case. And socks. Plenty of those.

  13. oh my bad, I didn't mean that the blog was boring….Trust me, I inspire people to watch paint dry.
    You know what they say…”Spending an hour with john, isn't as fun as spending an hour IN the john.”

  14. I am too, Dawn, normally. For months I've been too busy to lose myself in a story just for fun. Enough of that.

    I like you, John. I really do. And I suspect more folks are just like us than are otherwise.

    L, where were you when I was making up my mind this morning? Excellent idea, and thanks!

    D.S., the trick is to ultimately weave both the shopping and the trash reading into one whole cloth. I didn't quite manage it.

    Thanks, Farmchick. I recognize that “it's too much trouble to drive thirty miles to the county line” sound in your voice, and I'm right there with you.

    Wow, thanks Max!

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