Memphis Road Trip Mystery Machine

Fresh Ribbon

typecast 8-9-09

While you’re thinking this one over (queue Jeopardy music) take a look at a little site I just ran across today. Mymymymy…Poetic Typewriters. The typewriters are expensive, but gorgeous. The layout on this site is to die for.

Pulled out ole Mamie the unflappable SC Silent for this typecast. Bless her heart. She still types like a dream, but not when a girl has elegantly long vacation nails. Those round keys do a number on a manicure.

9 thoughts on “Memphis Road Trip Mystery Machine

  1. Olivander, I can only presume you plan to publish a typewriter reference tome. It's time a good, modern one was out there, with your brand of ass kicking photography. The Will Davis site is excelllent, but hey, I want something on paper!

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