And so it begins…

No Telling

The indoctrination is complete. After a quick trip for supplies, The Perfect Grandson has his first notebook. He wrapped his chubby two-year-old fist around a blue crayon and moseyed from room to room waving both the instrument and his 3×5 notebook, stopping occasionally to add this or that to the pages. Just like…well, everyone else in this house. We’re a notebook-waving, scribbling family, and he’s officially joined the ranks.

Clearly, his genre is fiction. There was a great deal of plot that didn’t make it to the page, but I was fortunate enough to hear it all. Trust me, it’s an action/adventure piece thick with tension and twists. There’s also something about a bug with spots, but I don’t want to give it all away.

I burst with pride.

10 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. LOL – what a fabulous post! A bug with spots – a ladybug perhaps?

    LOL – how cute!

    Oh, and as a non-Twitter-er, I can only shake my head in wonder.

  2. Dawn, half the battle is keeping the crayon on the paper instead of the wall. I think I'll find a bigger notebook for him. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'M proud of your granson and i don't even know him!! i love children's imagination. and getting them to journal/write… that's so important! what a great story! as to the wall art…i have a very colorful rainbow in the antique wallpaper of my living room. and i'm very proud of it! who wouldn't want a crayon rainbow in their wall?! love your blog…

  4. Shari, you have permanent art, how wonderful! It's like those height measurements we mark off in the doorway. They're love-history.

    Thanks so much for stopping by – slide in here anytime, Shari!

  5. I have a daughter who is 20 months old. The other day while I was reading on my bed she climbs in her clumsy, adorable way with a book in hand. She then proceeds to curl up next to me, lay back, open the book, and starts to read with me. Of course it's all gibberish, but after a while she starts to get excited and tell me about the book in her own adorable language. I swelled with pride and hope that maybe she'll like books as much as I do.

  6. This is so sweet I can't stand it, Bookaddict! You need to take a thousand pictures of such moments (not that you haven't already), because they get big so very quickly.

    I may have to pull out the old videos today, now. Thank you!

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