The Perfect Grandson Turns This Many

No Telling

And what a party it was. The fun began at Jump Zone, where most of us were blinded by bright, enormous, inflated dinosaurs and superheroes – seriously, these things were easily two stories high. The Perfect Grandson, however, was not intimidated and ran like a boy possessed from one giant thing to another, jumping, sliding, throwing beach balls, screaming. A good fall and a bloody lip didn’t slow him down at all. The minimum age for this kind of kid-stravaganza is two, and he was only just.

But keep that to yourself. If you so much as whisper “birthday party” in that joint the $8 entry blossoms into a cool $200. We were on the down-low for this one. It was a family play date.

Afterwards it was off to the great-grandparents for chicken and Spiderman cake and the real birthday shindig. After eating everything that wasn’t nailed down, The Perfect Grandson opened all his presents, shot some hoops on his new basketball goal, and splashed around in the wading pool until he practically fell asleep in it. It was a Very Happy Birthday.

The whole party was the work of one single mama. She tripped the light fantastic on this one, baking and hand-decorating the Spidey-web cake and slinging herself down all those impossible blow-up slides at Jump Zone. She even mustered the energy to invite her father to the festivities, and made him behave. He’s divorcing again, so that was no small feat.

The Perfect Grandson is two. He got Spiderman glow-in-the-dark Big Boy Underpants to mark the day and what comes next will be no small feat, either.

What comes next is three and four and ten and cars and girls and “don’t tell me what to do, I’m a man.” But keep that to yourself. She had bouts of mama-tears three or four times yesterday alone and it might be best to keep the rest of what’s coming on the down-low as well.

Baby steps.

8 thoughts on “The Perfect Grandson Turns This Many

  1. Looks like a good day!

    Our little one is careening toward two faster than I can keep up with. We're fully aware that birthday numero dos must be far beyond the scope of his first, low-key birthday. He was too little to know what was going on then. But two. That's *huge*. It must be the most extravagant, awe-inspiring moment in his 730 days of kid-dom.

    There's a similar land of giant inflatables here called House of Bounce that you have just made me realize will be the perfect birthday destination for our hyperkinetic guy (on the low-down, of course).

    I love the shot of Em and him on the slide.

  2. You've got to do the House of Bounce for sure, Olivander. At two he'll be just big enough to do almost everything without any help. Even the Perfect Grandson tired out after an hour, and that's saying something. He's a dervish.

    As a Grammie, all I had to do was whoop and take pictures. As a parent, you'll have to do some preparatory working out.

    The objective is to outlast the boy. Always.

  3. Steph, those videos were a complete hit – “yeahyeahyeah”! For a guy who worships at the Great Spiderman, the world sure stops for Danny and the Dinosaur.

    Next time you see him, ask him how old he is. He's got it down.

  4. No. Really. Danny and the Dinosaur and whatever voodoo it's casting on Levi is amazing.

    I don't know what it is but the mama tears just keep lingering and popping up at least once a day. I'm so afraid that this might be permanent. A second birthday and a boy on the verge of preschool…it's no wonder ive been wanting a new puppy. I just want something small again.

    NO cars. NO girls. NO cars. NO girls.

  5. Greetings from New England! I found your blog through Blog of Note (hearty congrats, btw – I have been hoping they'd notice ME for a long time!). I adore your writing style, your wit, and especially the way you end your pieces. So satisfying. I began to “follow” you hours ago. I can't wait to read each day what you have to offer.

    I was delighted to find this particular posting. Your Perfect Grandson and my “little girl” are the same age – perhaps to the day.

    We are sisters in GrammieHood, you and I.

  6. Isn't Grammiehood the best? I loved being a young mother, but this Grammie business is hands-down the best thing going. Give your “little girl” a big hug!

    And thanks for stopping by – love hearing from you!

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