New Machine Fever

Fresh Ribbon
A pathetic typecast.

typecast 4-21-09

(Brought to you on a 1958 Tower President named Agnes. Bless her heart.)

22 thoughts on “New Machine Fever

  1. Sorry, can\’t talk you down. I just got The Talk (again) this weekend about the proliferation of typing machines in the house. I was compared to an alcoholic, bringing home typewriters not because I *want* them, but because I *need* them.And, y\’know, she\’s right.When it comes to typewriters, I\’m like an alkie browsing a liquor store. I know I shouldn\’t, but I just can\’t help myself.I have one on the way that\’s a duplicate of one I already have–but in a different color. The only reason I bid on it in the final minutes was because no one else was and it was too good a deal to *not* take it.Anyway, my point is that nine typewriters is not a problem. Not yet. Not even a dozen. But when you begin lusting for one and someone says, \”I thought you already have that one,\” and you respond, \”Yes, but not in that color!\”…then you might want to reevaluate your motives.Just think of me as existing to serve as a warning to others.Todays\’ captcha: \”haglis\”: to argue over the price of Scottish foodstuffs.

  2. Um, after a more meticulous recount including typewriters in my office, the kitchen, and one out on loan, I have a lucky thirteen.Thirteen typewriters. And I\’ve recently given two away. None of them (so far) are TOO alike, but I\’m in dangerous territory. I think I may try to type my way past this minefield. I\’ll be fine as long as I stay away from Ebay.Just so you know, I don\’t yet have a Hermes. There\’s that.

  3. Oh, but you *must* have a Hermes! The older 3000s are one of the best typewriters ever made, in my humble opinion.Yeah, everything Olivander said applies. And we\’re probably not the folks to help. Not only will we *not* scold you when you fall off the wagon, we\’ll actually clap you on the back and congratulate you. Enablers all.I\’m still trying to pare down a bit, though. On the one hand, I like the idea of having a few working spares that I can foist off on potential converts to the cult, but there\’s also something to be said–as in the instrument world–for sticking with just one or two for real use, so you get to know that machine and exactly what it feels like, where the controls are, how hard to hit the keys; so you work perfectly as a team. At least, that\’s how I see it. But you do need a Hermes. 😉

  4. (trying again)Congrats!Your machine\’s typeface resembles my SM9 see: I kept several typewriters at my office, a colleague said that I offer a \”home for wayward typewriters.\” Admittedly, some were given away as gifts. Their wayward-ness was temporary, and these typewriters may be igniting others\’ writing passions! (Or as Elizabeth says \”converts.\” Gee, does that make us evangelists??)

  5. Little Flower Petals, I may never be complete without a Hermes. I assume you know what I mean. Looks like all my previous enabling is coming back to haunt me.Oh, Speculator – such a lovely cursive! I have a smaller Olympia with the same \”hand\” as yours. I couldn\’t be more in love…unless I had a cursive Hermes.Typevangelists. Apostypists. You and Olivander are onto something.It\’s kind of a tent revival around here.

  6. Late to the party, as usual.I\’ve been curtailing my typewriter-buying, the Corsair was the first in many, many months. (Well, not that many.) This year\’s weakness is obviously cameras. Easier to hide in a drawer from scolding eyes, I say.

  7. I think I hear a faint chorus of \”Onward Typebar Soldiers\” in the background…It\’s true, Strikethru. If not for us most of these old machines would be hanging from someone\’s ears. And I think we may have a fresh convert. Welcome, Sister Linda!

  8. Some of us know the melody:\”Follow the fold and type some moretype some moretype some more……Follow, follow the fold.\”Yes, Monda- it\’s a harrowing thing to read an ad for a machine that says, \”works fine, or can be used for jewelry.\” (shudder!)Some repentance is in order, Sisters and Brothers!

  9. Great…now that\’s going to be stuck in my head for the foreseeable future….Feed in some paperand we\’ll type some more,follow, follow the fold, Before you touch another \’puter!We\’re not frighteningly obsessed. Not at all.

  10. Late comment is late, but Julia\’s internet has been down. Julia now referring to herself in the third person, good lord.Just picked up a beautiful Remington Ten Forty in that spiffy turqouise color off of Ebay on Thursday…it arrived this morning and it\’s in absolute beautiful, unused condition. I\’m so excited about getting to typing on it, but the original ribbon is all dried out and I\’m waiting for a replacement.My friends at school (high school senior fer the win!) all keep asking me \”why do you WANT a typewriter?? You have a laptop!\” or simply shaking their heads and telling me that I already have three and don\’t need another. And they\’re sort of right, but like chocolates, I can never have just one of anything. And I only use two of my preexisting machines, because the third one is this massive electic thing I didn\’t want but I haven\’t ebay\’d yet because I have no box it would ship in…blah blah blah. Point of this comment is, nice to know somebody else out there is in the same typewritering-beyond-their-means situation I am. Because high schoolers don\’t understand why one would want an object without a built-in camera or text messaging or at least the functionality to check Myspace from anywhere.

  11. Julia, you\’re going to have a BLAST with that typewriter. I hope the ribbon comes soon and that you ordered more than one. One of the very best things about a manual is that you can\’t check Facebook. It\’s a plus.Congratulations – I know you\’ll enjoy every last kerplunk!

  12. Profoundest Congratulations to Julia!Tell your friends (and reinforce your wits) that you are untethered by wires, bills, and e-interruptions. The sun is shining, the semester\’s almost done (and school, for that matter) and the sky and imagination\’s the limit!

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