NaNoWriMo Observations, Day One

Fresh Ribbon

1. I can write more in an hour than I thought I could.

2. Outlines are for other people.

3. Creation is my favorite part anyway.

4. The story writes itself and I should have done this years ago.

5. I couldn’t do this on a manual typewriter. I hate that.

6. I can tell the problem won’t be getting to 50,000 words by month’s end. The problem will be forcing myself to step away from the novel and back into my daily responsibilities.

7. It’s delicious telling my Inner Editor to go to hell.

9 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Observations, Day One

  1. It *is* a lot of fun, and more fun if you can get a strong start to the month. Week two sometimes gets a little dicey, but keep that Inner Editor safely locked away and I expect you\’ll blow all us amateurs away.

  2. Mp, I\’m loving this. I really am. Good thing it began on a weekend, though.Oh, Duffy. The guilt is almost too much. It might make you feel better to know that last night I slammed out my last thousand words on the Olympia SF. I just had to. Strikethru, I had no idea just how much or how fast I write. I write so much every single day for one thing or another that I\’ve found this novel is a breath of fresh (and non-scholarly) air. We\’ve put together a university NaNo group that will meet on Monday nights. I\’m excited to see how many students and others show up tomorrow.

  3. I\’d love to get online at the NaNo sie and drift through the forums and such, but I can hardly get anything on the site to work. We must be overloading it.

  4. The NaNo site is suffering badly this year. This is a good thing if you\’re prone to obsessively reloading the Technology forum to ensure that the Typewriter Brigade post floats up near the top.Not that I would do such a thing. But if someone were so inclined, they might waste a lot of writing time doing so. Theoretically.Even typing a little on the Olympia surely counts as working toward the noble cause of the Brigade (world domination, fresh ribbons and warm cookies for all.)Stunned to hear of the campus shooting, though more stunned to NOT hear about it except via your blog, as I suppose this kind of thing is becoming mundane now. Heaven help us that we grow accustomed that kind of news. Here\’s hoping that your writing group helps everyone heal a little bit.

  5. Okay, totally left of field, but what exactly DOES that m-r button stand for and do?I just received a S-C Cougar (cursive typeface!!) and found that I have nooo idea what it does!

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