Typecasting with a Twist

Fresh Ribbon

Blacksmith to the Gods

I’m not really sure what to call this flavor of typecasting + poem + whatever. It’s addicting – here are more. Any ideas?

7 thoughts on “Typecasting with a Twist

  1. Ha! I can\’t think of one either.I\’m only putting pieces of poems on these – not much room, really. It\’s awfully fun and I can\’t quit making them.Can you tell I only have a few days until classes start? I\’m getting punchy.

  2. Um, brilliant? Seriously, how come nobody thought of this before? Very well done, Monda.We have friends who do this in the visual arts: they buy old (usually crappy) landscape paintings and augment them. They have a huge sofa-length painting in their home with a mountain/valley scene, but they\’ve added this enormous 1950\’s science-fictiony robot stepping over one of the snowy peaks. I just love that.Whatever you call it, you should keep doing it.

  3. These are awesome. I\’ve been following your series on Flickr. There\’s someone who does something similar with vintage graphics captioned with a label-maker. Those lean toward the pithy, however. Yours carry infinitely more substance–and typed, which automatically makes them superior.

  4. Duffy – I\’d love to see that robot painting. Sounds like it belongs in my office with all the Erte and other strangeness.Thank you, MP. I think it may all be in the spelling or capitalization. Maybe TYP.oems or Typ.Oems, or t.y.p.o.e.m.s. God it\’s time to go back to school.Oh, Olivander. The last thing I want is pithy, or crafty. So all of these are going on a much larger piece. Who knows. I may have to add a robot climbing over the Ozarks.

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