What I Didn’t Do Over Summer Vacation

Fresh Ribbon

What I Didn't Do
This typecast is brought to you on a souped-up Sears Forecast that you’ll just have to see to believe. I mean it. Just wait.

5 thoughts on “What I Didn’t Do Over Summer Vacation

  1. Speaking of things I didn\’t do over summer vacation… the gym.A script Hermes 3000 will eventually find its way to you. Once one decides on a particular model, it\’s only a matter of time. I\’ve learned it\’s futile to resist.

  2. Too true. Atfer whining about how the area was lousy with Olivetti-era Underwoods, I got a hankering to try out the vaunted Smith-Corona touch. Within a month\’s span I suddenly have four, three from the fabled fifties, all popping up into my life like mushrooms in the lawn. I\’ve learned to keep my wishing to a minimum, at least out loud.

  3. Oh, Strikethru. Those typewriters find US. While wishing for other machines this summer I was gifted with four free ones – they come popping out of the woodwork.Okay, Mister MP. You\’ve got some stunning machines there but something\’s missing…You need a 40s SC Silent or Sterling. I\’m a Smith Corona girl through and through – love the 50s machines and Agnes most of all – but nothing, NOTHING types like those 40s machines. Sweet bouncy typewriter poetry, my friend.

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