A Week in Paradise, and I Whined about Wi-Fi

No Telling

ozark whine

For a glimpse into all the things that went beautifully, sparklingly right on this trip, click here. There’s no whining there, I promise.

6 thoughts on “A Week in Paradise, and I Whined about Wi-Fi

  1. Monda, I though you\’d dropped off the \’nets, which made me realize how much I keep haunting our little circle of blogs for updates. We could all use a week away to detox. Maybe two weeks, so we can spend the first coming off the addiction, and the second rejoining humanity.On second thought, that sounds horrifying, never mind.The flea market/social event sounds fascinating. Of course I was scouring the photos for signs of wayward typers magically brought into your care.

  2. I practice no internet nightly. I have a fast connection at work and I download stuff offline for my husband. And,we\’ve really gotten used to it. I touch on all of this in my piece that is going around on the travelling type circle. If only we could get a fast teletype connection between all of us….

  3. I did, in fact, find two typewriters and bought neither. One was a gorgeous green SC Silent filled to overflowing with erasing bits, and the other was a pristine Royal standard circa 1934. The Royal was a bit pricey, so I left my card. maybe the flea market seller will change her mind.Ozark is a glorious place, as is Paris just a few miles down the road. Both towns are the courthouse-in-the-square kind of places filled with antiques stores and locally owned everything. No chains down there.I need to wean myself from so much internet. It\’s like trying to take an X-Box from a fifteen year-old boy, though.

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