Zelda’s Virgin Typecast

Fresh Ribbon



Acme Business Machines, Inc.
Ed Cordon
5308 MacArthur Drive, Suite A
North Little Rock, AR 72118

(501) 753-7375

5 thoughts on “Zelda’s Virgin Typecast

  1. What a transformation! That is indeed a beautiful machine. I rather like the sound of my Remington Noiseless, different though it is from the traditional typewriter tat-tat-tat.

  2. Zelda\’s lovely! This transformation just shows what stalwarts these old machines truly are. Her typing eccentricity can surely be excused — who isn\’t a little eccentric after over seventy years on the planet?Alarmed to hear about Ed, though. I\’m due for some typing practice today, I\’ll get a note in the mail to him c/o Acme.

  3. Oh I do hope Ed is feeling well soon. I will certainly type him a note. Zelda looks sexy! There is something so satisfying about a beautiful old machine being rescued from the scrap heap.

  4. I\’m traveling back to Acme tomorrow and will check on Ed again.Just so you know, there\’s a stunning Smith Corona Junior for sale there. I look at it every single time i go to the shop.Ah, Zelda. The more I type, the better we both get. I imagine she\’s just stretching a bit after the long nap.

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