The (Rebate) Check is in the Mail…



This typecast brought to you on a sexy little cursive Olivetti Lettera 32 that needs fresh ribbon.

11 thoughts on “The (Rebate) Check is in the Mail…

  1. You already mentioned the Hermes 3000. Those are beauties as well as exceptionally constructed. I\’m up to three: two of the older design and one of the boxier newer styling. The reason I have two \”airstreamed\” 3Ks is that the guy on eBay said it was script, but it wasn\’t. (Grr.)Personally, I feel that everyone ought to have at least one Smith-Corona speedliner. Always a design favorite, since I began typecasting regularly, it\’s quickly moved to the forefront of my favorite typers to use as well.

  2. Let me put in a good word for the Olympia SM4. Of my half dozen machines it is the favorite both for looks and touch. I recently got a Hermes 3000 and it is great but still in second place behind the SM4. The SM3 will give you the same machine but without tab set on the keyboard. I\’ve used an SM7 and SM9 but they didn\’t have the touch or deco look of the earlier models.BTW, thanks to your raving and enthusiasm for the Smith Corona you picked up at Acme (and every other site whispering temptation in my ears) I\’ve got a completely refurbished 1938 Sterling coming in a few days. It matches the photo in Olivander\’s comment. Can\’t wait! Regards, Jeff

  3. I\’m in love with that old Smith Corona. If I could find a pre-war speedliner in a color, everyone will have to stand back. You jut can\’t beat an SC.I think the top of my list may have to be an Olympia SM4, followed closely by a Hermes 3000. There\’s a Voss on Ebay right now, but the nameplate is missing. I\’ll have to keep looking.And what is that \”Florida\” typewriter? Can\’t find anything on it anywhere.

  4. You need a script machine! Watch out, though, because there are so many different types of script/cursive. Some of the Olympias have unconnected letters and same-size caps.

  5. You KNOW I\’ve been watching that one. It\’s glorious. I can always tell when I\’m getting a little attached to one on the watch list – I begin deleting, thinning out the herd. When I put that one on, FOUR others deleted right off the list.

  6. Yeah, I want a script typer too. I shouldn\’t but there something that just looks so cool. I thought about trying to get the Selectric IIs working, but I\’m just not an electric typewriting sort of person.

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