Releasing the Beast and the Magazine



This typecast brought to you on a still unnamed 1967 Olympia Socialite. I need to get on that.

5 thoughts on “Releasing the Beast and the Magazine

  1. A typewriter give away at the Vortex party? I love it!So, seriously, when are you going to send me a copy of the new magazine? Also, I heard last year\’s racked up at the ACMAs. I beam with pride.

  2. I know! I have to wait for pictures from someone else – my camera crapped out. The newpaper was there, though, so there should be something soon.

  3. I can\’t believe you said that! I actually have a Golightly in the works, via Writertypes. It should be arriving soon and I\’ll share her Golightlyness on here.I\’m actually leaning a bit toward the Doris Day thing with the Socialite. I keep seeing \”That Touch of Mink.\”

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