Math-Less Typecasting 101



(This typecast brought to you on a 1967 Olympia Socialite, as yet unnamed.)
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Collapsing World

5 thoughts on “Math-Less Typecasting 101

  1. You\’re my hero, Monda. A recent attempt to scan a simple photo felt like the Bataan death march. Not sure I\’m up to trying this yet, but it\’s good to know I have a step-by-step guide to reference.Digging your blog.

  2. Great steps. It *is* kind of a pain, isn\’t it?One feature on my image software that I use sometimes is the \”save for web\” feature which reduces the file size of the overall scan. so it downloads faster.

  3. I did it, Monda! I actually did it. I still feel just a little bit dirty, but I\’m glad I finally could figure it out. Even with your excellent instructions it took me a long time to figure out the scanner and get it done.

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