Weekly No Tellin’ Scribble Challenge, and last week’s winner


Stand back, ladies and gentlemen. We had three – count ’em three – entries in this week’s challenge! This is a real contest now. While the Viagra-ku entries were all equally stunning and sexually empowering, there can only be one winner.

Last week’s No Tellin’ Scribble Challenge winner is Tim author of the three-part Viagra-ku, ” A 70-year-old Man Attempts a Seduction.” Completely enchanting, Tim, and only a little disgusting. Congratulations! Copy/paste the award badge to your blog and let everyone know you’ve arrived.

This week’s challenge should be interesting because it has narrow parameters. This week, I challenge all of you to write a “Dear John” letter in fifty words or less. These can be cold or impassioned, handwritten or text-messaged, post-it noted or slung through a window tied around a rock. Give us a little scenario if it helps – the letter itself should not be over fifty words, but the scenario can be as long as you want.
Post your entry in the comments section or post a link to it from your own site. After last week’s 300% increase in entries, I’m understandably excited about this one.
Ready? Break!

6 thoughts on “Weekly No Tellin’ Scribble Challenge, and last week’s winner

  1. The Dear John letter when you’ve talked until your blue in the face and they just don’t get it:Dear John, Put a fork in me. I’m done.Love,Your Maid, Hooker and Nanny

  2. Candace ROCKS!Hard act to follow, but I’ll try:Remember no more the love that was ours,We both know the truth – it was wrong from the start.Remember to her the vows that you made.Return to her now and forget all we had.You once made a promise, I beg you to keep it.Good bye.

  3. Dear Prospective Partner, It is with deepest personal regret that I pen these lines to you. I am simply aching at heart over the need to say this, but say it I must. Though I have somewhat enjoyed getting to know you, I feel that we lack sufficient commonality to pursue this relationship endeavor. Yes, I know that you felt a growing closeness, as evidenced by your increasingly flirtatious text-messages, tempered as they were with the occasional ;). I regret that I cannot return your 😉 in kind. In fact, your xoxoxoxox seems excessive, and your *kiss* ill-timed. The thought of living alone for the rest of my life fills me with less despair than the thought of spending another awkward evening in your company. I am downcast, and yet, strangely gleeful when I ponder a future that does not contain you. Hence, I heed my heart, and move on to the NEXT.Fondly yours, Karindira

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