Calling All Typecasters!

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Found this in the mail this morning:


as you are a typecaster… and as I like typecasts… why not contribute to the wikipedia article ?
It would be a good thing as this article had been selected for deletion. I objected, but now it would need some brushing-up.

Please feel free to forward this to other “typecasters”.


Georg Sommeregger, PhD

Scheduled for deletion! We can’t let that happen. Besides, it’s time we took a moment to define ourselves and link up. At the very least, everyone who typecasts should be listed under “External Links.”

Tick-tock, my friends.

Memphis Road Trip Mystery Machine

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typecast 8-9-09

While you’re thinking this one over (queue Jeopardy music) take a look at a little site I just ran across today. Mymymymy…Poetic Typewriters. The typewriters are expensive, but gorgeous. The layout on this site is to die for.

Pulled out ole Mamie the unflappable SC Silent for this typecast. Bless her heart. She still types like a dream, but not when a girl has elegantly long vacation nails. Those round keys do a number on a manicure.

The Good, the Bad, and the Smelly

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Hmmm. It looks like Tallulah is droppin’ her ‘G’s again. It’s a common malady with some of these southern machines.

This paper, by the way, is vintage Eaton’s Muguet des Bois scented and engraved stationery. Well, at least it’s still engraved. The floral scent smells musty and cigar-like now, and I’m not sure I can get the des bois back in the muguet. Regardless, this stationery makes me want to have a terrible crush on some summer boyfriend from the lake just so I can write to him the day after he leaves.

Sigh. Time to Ebay.

Typewriter Slamming the JuSt WriMo, Day 1

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6-1-09 typecast

In honor of JuSt WriMo (June Stuff Writing Month) and in anticipation of JulNoWriMo (July Novel Writing Month) I’ve decided to post some really terrible typewriter slams. Since both JuSt WriMo amd JulNoWriMo are thankfully loosey-goosey with their rules, I figure I can do just about anything I want.

What I want to do is type every single day to one of the prompts on my Easy Street site. The thing is, I have 548 writing prompts on there, and I’ve never used a single one. Ever. I think finding and posting them takes all the AHA! out of it for me. At any rate, each day during the month of June I’m going to hit the random prompt button and write whatever comes to mind, and I’m going to do it on old pieces of stationery. With a typewriter. Maybe I can shake off some of the academic dust that’s settled in my head, I don’t know.

At the very least, I can use up some accumulated paper as an excuse to buy more.

Today’s prompt is #13, Double-wide Love.

All I Really Need is this Typewriter.

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Typecast 5-23-09

This typecast brought to you on a 55 year-old Remington Quiet-Riter that may look exactly like a squatting river toad, but types like it’s dancing – even when the typist is an almost-two-year-old with a fascination for the zip and zing of tab, return, tab, return, tab, smash all the keys down, return.

Someone Needs to take this On The Road

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(click to enlarge)

Yes, it’s a portion of the original On the Road scroll typed frantically by Jack Kerouac back in 1951. With a little pharmaceutical aid, he was able to slam the novel out in three weeks. The scroll, by the way, is on tour and probably lounging around Dublin right about now.

I won’t go on and on about Kerouac or On The Road. Most women I know (of a certain age) find the book fairly appalling and Kerouac even more so, but Kerouac is not the point here. The scroll is. It’s morphed into an art installation and by the miracle of technological wizardry, a very large typecast.

The thing is, I know a lot of people who can slam out a novel in a month. Maybe they aren’t all Kerouacs, but they do it and there’s a die-hard group of Luddites blowing the top off the NaNoWriMo word counts via manual typewriter every year. You know who you are.

While taking a little paper-grading break today, I hopped on Ebay and found the perfect ditty for a NaNoWriMo Typewriter Brigader. Or for a Kerouac wannabe, makes no difference. It’s a big roll of three-part carbon paper – that’s one original copy to keep and two canary copies to send ’round to the art installations in Dublin.

Eighteen days left on that auction, and a chance to make a legend. Who’s up for it?