The Ultimate Shelf-Cleaning Book Giveaway Continues


The books are dwindling and it’s glorious! I can’t thank all of you enough for helping me clean out my book shelves by relocating a few volumes to your house. I’ve added some more and we begin again.

This time The Perfect Grandon’s little pincher fingers picked W.E.B. Adamant from the salad bowl. Congratulations, gal! You’ve won Things Fall Apart, Bacon’s Essays, and Cyrano. I’m also including a couple of Bonus Mystery Books, because that’s the kind of girl I am. I did the same last time for David, and I’m convinced the only thing better than choosing and winning free books is getting a couple more as a surprise.

It’s time to start again, and this round continues with a little Auchincloss and Brautigan. What a combo. Be sure to leave a comment in this post telling me which three books from the list you’d like to have for free, and on July 15 you might be the lucky winner chosen at random from slips of paper in the salad bowl.

As always, this giveaway is only for those in the lower 48 states because just the gas to get to the mailbox is dipping into my typewriter fund. God knows what shipping to Mongolia or Perth would cost. And don’t include a shipping address in your comment because – let’s face it – the world is full of folks with ill-intent. We’ll find each other after the drawing.

Choose three free books from the following list:

Mr. Sammler’s Planet, Saul Bellow (HB)
Selected Works of Stephen Vincent Benet, 2 vols, Poetry, Prose (HB)
Dream of Fair to Middling Women, Samuel Beckett (HB)
Little Big Man, Thomas Berger (HB)
Leaving Cold Sassy, Olive Ann Burns (HB)
Passion of the Mind, A.S. Byatt (HB)
Evelina, Fanny Burney (PB)
Babel Tower, A.S. Byatt (PB)
The Teachings of Don B., Donald Barthelme (HB)
Possession, A.S. Byatt (PB)
Mists of Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley (PB)
The Life of Samuel Johnson, James Boswell (PB)
The Silence of the LLano , Rudolpho Anaya (PB)
Lucky Jim, Kingsly Amis (PB)
Cat’s Eye,Margaret Atwood (HC)
Bastard Out of Carolina, Dorothy Allison (PB)
I am Anastasia;: The Autobiography of the Grand-Duchess of Russia , Roland Krug von Nidda, translated from the German by Oliver Coburn, 1958 (HC)
Don Juan, Byron (HB)
The Rector of Justin, Louis Auchincloss ((HB)
Three Lives, Louis Auchincloss (HB)
False Gods, Louis Auchincloss (HB)
Trout Fishing In America, The Pill vs. The Springhill Mine Disaster, and I Watermelon Sugar, Richard Brautigan (PB – 3 in one vol)
Help a girl out – choose some free books!

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Shelf-Cleaning Book Giveaway Continues

  1. Hello. I should like to be considered for receipt of:Babel Tower and…Possession, by A.S. ByattandThe Rector of Justin, by Louis Auchincloss

  2. Anyone can enter as many times as they please. The object is to clean out my bookshelves. The Perfect Grandson’s paper-picking zeal keeps it honest.I figure sooner or later everyone wins.

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